The C SEED N1 TV reshapes interior design and transforms the media experience, combining cutting edge technology with avant-garde style in a giant folding screen of striking sculptural quality.

It is a minimalist sculpture, a kinetic work of art:
Initially invisible, the N1 suddenly it grows huge, rising up, unfolding its 4K MicroLED screen and settling on a metal base of timeless elegance.

Indeed, the C SEED N1 TV is an object of singular refinement and a perfectly balanced match for both classic and contemporary interior design environments. With its minimalistic floor stand it gives the impression of a one-piece sculptural element that reflects contemporary architectural sensibilities. With its screen able to rotate 180 degrees left and right rotation it adjusts smoothly to all viewing situations. When not in use, it discreetly folds back into its base, a stunning piece of kinetic art.

Machining the N1 from an aerospace aluminum, C SEED achieves an unparalleled stiffness-to-weight ratio, with huge advantages for the folding kinetics and picture quality.

“We operate on the top end of the high-end market”, explains C SEED CEO Alexander Swatek. “Many of our clients collect art, all appreciate latest media technology, and all demand a visual quality that complies with highly refined interior design, be it classic, modern, or totally avantgarde. C SEED is proud to provide all that in one totally unique product that adds to the value of luxurious living spaces.”

The C SEED N1 features 4K MicroLED technology and HDR10+ support. Its special physical screen surface coating helps to produce truest blacks and amazingly vibrant colors with practically no glare. C SEED’s patented Adaptive Gap Calibration makes the borders between the screen panels disappear to provide a perfectly seamless visual experience. The N1 comes with an integrated speaker system (twin 100-watt broadband speakers), helping create an immersive audio-visual experience.

Introducing the N1, C SEED smoothly continues a legacy that started with the award-winning C SEED 201 TV by Porsche Design Studio. Building on a decade of experience in designing and manufacturing luxury TVs for high end indoor, outdoor and marine applications, C SEED has again created the uncompromising best in design, engineering and technology.

Engineered and produced in Austria, the C SEED N1 TV is available in titanium matt metallic color in three sizes: 103, 137 and 165-inch screen diagonal. With the new "all in one" solution, no groundwork is needed.