Outdoor MicroLED TV

C SEED's 201 HLR Outdoor MicroLED TV: A revolutionary leap forward

This week we have successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Test of C SEED 201 HLR MicroLED TV in our M1 facility in Austria.

The newest generation of C SEED unfolding MicroLED TV is featuring 1.9 mm pixel resolution with IP65 rating - providing 4,000 nits brightness, twice the color purity and a far wider color gamut than conventional LED screens. 

C SEED video processing creates true-life images with a color processing depth of 16 bit per color and advanced HDR and HDR10+ processing for a superior viewing experience.

C SEED HLR 201 TV takes only 60 seconds to rise to its height of 3 meters and seven LED panels unfold in the next 25 seconds to create a seamless display. With the same ease, HLR TV submerges into the compartment box for space saving storage when not in use, allowing space to be used multifunctionally.