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Multi-Sensory Event

C SEED has opened its Beverly Hills showroom doors for an insane display of elite reference-grade technology. The company's new 165-inch Blade 165 MicroLED TV was headlining the event, accompanied by a 5.1 L-Acoustics Syva speaker system and the purity of Kaleidescape movie and concert content.

Measuring a massive 165-inches diagonal, C SEED's Blade TV delivers a brilliant 4K experience using MicroLEDs with a 0.9-pixel pitch and the ability to produce more than 64 billion colors. This emissive technology allows for a contrast ratio of 20,000:1, reserving the ability to completely shut off pixels for dazzling infinite blacks. It also plays well in large rooms with wide seating arrays, boasting a 175-degree viewing angle that doesn't suffer from brightness or color degradation at the extremes.

The Blade 165 is typically equipped with up to four coaxial speakers and two subwoofers embedded in a bottom-edge soundbar. But for its Beverly Hills event, C SEED has recruited help from the audio experts at L-Acoustics. This innovative company pioneered line source array speaker technology, fueling audio storms enjoyed by concert-goers worldwide. More than a manufacturer, L-Acoustics takes pride in its ability to marry art and science through complex R&D, leading to groundbreaking developments such as live immersive audio and a complete line of indoor/outdoor residential speakers.

L-Acoustics has deployed a 5.1 system in C SEED's showroom for today's showing, consisting of five Syva 2-way mini-line array collinear speakers and four Syva subwoofers. It's capable of maximum SPLs reaching an ear-bending 137dB, allowing attendees to experience rich and enveloping sound at loud levels without sacrificing quality. More info available here.