We are delighted to share that C SEED and L-Acoustics Creations are announcing an exciting new partnership in luxury home cinema.

Imagine total transformation of your living space into the ultimate home entertainment center at the push of a button. The combination of M1 TV by C SEED and Island Prestige, the immersive sound space by L-Acoustics Creations, offer a listening and viewing experience at the pinnacle luxury and versatility.​​​​​​

Rotate & Recline

The best seat in the most luxurious, high-performance home cinema is within reach with just the push of a button. Island offers a unique sonic environment via 13 professional audio frontal speakers, five rear speakers, and two powerful subwoofers by L-Acoustics. It rotates up to 360° to face in any direction, including the screen, but not just any screen.

Unfold & Unwind 

The unfolding M1 165-inch 4K MicroLED TV emerges from the floor and gracefully unfolds and settles smoothly on its base offering function, form and design. M1 uses cutting-edge MicroLED technology to achieve superior contrast, brightness and an unparalleled color spectrum. Like Island, M1 TV swivels into the perfect angle for optimal viewing.

Mix and Match to Suit Your Style

Both M1 and Island Prestige offer a variety of tones and surfaces to complement the design of your living space. M1 TV is available in four frame colors: Gold, Silver, Titanium, and Black. The core components of Island also exist in a neutral version: a blank slate for architects and interior designers to fulfill your vision of the ultimate home theater or gaming hub.

Maunakea will be available for shipping in spring of 2022.