C SEED HLR 144 TV in Ibiza

C SEED HLR 144 inch TV installation in Ibiza is bringing the perfect setting for waterside living and entertaining. 

This cutting-edge technology that enrichens, rather than disrupts exterior space, is hidden in its compartment box, waiting for activation by a simple push of a button on the remote control. It takes only 60 seconds to rise to its height of 2.5 meters and five LED panels unfold in the next 55 seconds to create a seamless display.

The C SEED TV unique qualities shine brightest when the Mediterranean sun is high: Its exceptional luminosity of 4,000 nits and its contrast ratio of 7,000:1 together with best pixel pitch and 16 bit color depth produces a crystal clear picture for state of the art outdoor TV entertainment even in glaring daylight conditions. Only durable materials of the highest quality are selected to ensure TV system is made from the very latest materials, capable of withstanding all weather conditions and sea proximity.

The C SEED HLR 144 and 201 TV is featuring a compact and shallow compartment box of only 84 cm (34 inch), powered by horizontal lifting mechanism.

New line of C SEED HLR 4K TV’s are using the latest MicroLED technology. Watching your favorite football match or movie on a theatre-quality audio-visual system can truly be a breathtaking and immersive experience.