M1 TV wins award

After extensive reviews of the most luxury gear in the world, the C SEED M1 4K TV was selected as Robb Report's “Best TV for 2021.”

For over 30 years, the American luxury lifestyle magazine Best of the Best by Robb Report has recognized those who have stood apart in their respective industries. The Best of the Best award is given to those who display exceptional craftsmanship, extraordinary attention to detail, and relentless pursuit of perfection in their field.

C SEED's award for Best TV is an excellent example of this: The M1 TV is a truly groundbreaking design, being the world's first foldable 165-inch MicroLED TV.

“Building upon almost a decade experience in designing and manufacturing luxury TVs for high end indoor, outdoor and marine applications, C SEED has again picked the uncompromising best in design, engineering and technology and we are happy that the M1 TV got recognized by the magazine that can identify luxury as it's finest ” says C SEED Managing Partner, Alexander Swatek.  

The revolutionary M1 TV is marking a new state of the art: A sculpture-like column rises silently from the floor, unfolding an enormous 165-inch 4k MicroLED TV display with a high precision frame machined from a solid block of aviation-grade aluminum alloy to provide the ultimate TV experience.

4k MicroLED technology creates amazingly vibrant colors and a truly stunning resolution. A special screen surface treatment displays the all-important black deep and accurate like never before. In addition to on-board HDR Plus (High Dynamic Range), C SEED's Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology (AGC) renders borders between the display´s wings totally invisible.

Quoting Robb Report: “With C SEED’s M1, turning on your television might be more compelling than whatever you plan to watch. The Austrian company’s newest TV is a 4K MicroLED set that rises out of a hidden compartment in the floor like an obelisk before unfolding its screen and locking into place. It’s a showstopper of a trick and even more impressive considering the fully open display measures a massive 165 inches diagonally.

But the M1 isn’t just huge and clever. As noteworthy is its construction—the base is machined from a solid block of aviation-grade aluminum alloy—as well as the vibrant, pin-sharp image quality. The display is coated with a special treatment that ensures rich and accurate black areas, while the company’s Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology renders the borders between the screen’s folding panels invisible. Adding to the immersive viewing experience are the pair of 250 w broadband speakers and the 700 w subwoofer built into the frame.

Of course, a gargantuan, super-high-resolution TV with a scene-stealing parlor trick (not to mention zero footprint when not in use) doesn’t come cheap. The set, available in four colors—black, gold, silver and titanium—will set you back the cost of a couple Bentley Flying Spurs.“

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