M1 Production Facility

C SEED is proud to announce the opening of our new facility in Austria which includes offices, production plant and demo facilities, all to meet growing demand of the market.

The new facility will increase production capacity, and ensure the manufacturing capacity of the first C SEED indoor folding TV that will launch in 2021.

The investment is also an important part of C SEED’s global strategy to get manufacturing operations closer to end-customers wherever possible and to have a demonstration facility in Europe. The site is just a 20-minute drive from Vienna city center, providing another upmarket location in addition to C SEED’s showroom in Beverly Hills, CA, scheduled to open end of this year.

Compared to the previous facilities production capacity has now increased 30% by expanding the production space, improving internal logistics, and by using smart manufacturing and modern technology.

“The opening of M1 facility is a hugely important milestone in the company’s growth plan and integral to our ambitions as a leader in luxury entertainment technology. With long heritage of master craftsmanship, we create technology that enrich your life and we are thrilled to announce the launch of the world´s first indoor unfolding TV," said Managing Partner Alexander Swatek.

 “The new factory has taken careful planning this year. We have ascended to a new level, not only by enlarging the workshop area but by adding new equipment and, most importantly, bringing new members to our rapidly growing C SEED team,” added Technical Director Bernhard Schuh.

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