MYS Recap

It is with great pleasure that we are able to look back on what was a successful and enjoyable Monaco Yacht Show. A very busy four days over which we had a chance to talk about the future of onboard technologies.


In cooperation with, we exhibited C SEED Blade 205´´ - a state-of-the-art indoor TV. In the special Super Cinemascope 4k format, the Blade TV is bringing out even the tiniest details of the action.

An enormous 5207 mm by 4800 mm 4k-LED display with black LED technology for highest contrast, latest HDR technology for a totally dynamic picture with a color spectrum worlds beyond conventional TV screens, stunning 800 nits brightness for perfect viewing experiences in even brightest daylight conditions, on-board 4k-media server and six integrated high-end speakers for total quality sound in 7.1 or 9.1 cinema surround configurations.


Among many high profile product launches, the C SEED Supermarine Speakers literally stood out. True to the company DNA, these speakers are groundbreaking. One look at the data sheet tells it all: with a power of 125 db, they can cover even a superlarge decks. Their aesthetics complement the C SEED Supermarine TV, a subtle and sophisticated centerpiece that captures attention. Fully retractable, with a combination of vertical and horizontal drives, TV retracts the 201 or 144 inch screen into a shallow compartment saving valuable space on and below decks.