Outdoor entertainment - challenges and solutions for the hospitality business


Silence is the absence of sound. So why not have the possibility to have both outdoors? Clients and guests of the most prestigious Landmark Hotels situated in one of the most beautiful places not only in South of France but worldwide- The Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat- now do experience this.

The most legendary palace hotel on the French Riviera, the Grand-Hotel du Cap Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel, has welcomed guests in the utmost luxury and sophistication for more than a century. Famous guests have included Somerset Maugham, Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, Aristotle Onassis and Elizabeth Taylor. Today, sumptuous rooms with views from Nice to Monaco, Michelin-starred Provençal and Mediterranean cuisine and a lively pool club keep this landmark hotel at the forefront of Riviera life.

The music which every guest is so accustomed to from within Indoors is seamlessly integrated now into the Outdoor area of their Michelin star honored restaurant. With the integration of the Outdoor area into the ambient music of the rest of the Hotel, the customers are experiencing an uninterrupted journey from the Lobby or Bar to the Outdoor area.

Angela Kreuz, Director of Banquets, Restaurants and Bars says:

“The C SEED 125 speakers which provide this integration of in and Outdoor customer journey, are rising at the push of button out of the ground, driven by the Master of Outdoor acoustic, the French reference L-Acoustic. This allows for an even sound distribution on the many levels the Outdoor area has, without being loud or disruptive.”

Is silence really the absence of sound? We don’t know, but we like to think that sound is the absence of C SEED 125 Speakers.