C SEED - The world's largest outdoor LED TV


C SEED 201 live in action at Vienna's Palais Schoenburg

porsche design studio

The C SEED 201 packs its ultra powerful technology into a rigorously streamlined aesthetic created by Porsche Design Studio. Simplicity of form, durable high-grade materials and impeccable workmanship are combined in an austerely imposing installation.

engineered luxury

When the C SEED 201 unfolds its monumental black panels, its environment is immediately transformed into a stunning sculpture garden.

  • C SEED - The world's largest outdoor LED TV

    With the potential of a tomorrows classic

    The Porsche Design Studio combines a tradition of craftsmanship with innovative technology. Every product it designs has the potential of becoming a classic.

  • C SEED - The world's largest outdoor LED TV

    Clarity and functionality

    All Porsche Design products bear an unmistakable signature: clarity and functionality of form, carefully selected materials, and high-quality workmanship.

  • C SEED - The world's largest outdoor LED TV

    Sophisticated Aesthetic

    "Our goal was to develop a design concept that turned the unfolding process into a special effect. We wanted to make sure that the C SEED 201 conveyed a sophisticated aesthetic in every phase of its movement. It starts as an obelisk rising from the ground, then opens up with a butterfly-like motion." Roland Heiler, CEO Porsche Design Studio

  • C SEED - The world's largest outdoor LED TV

    honored elegance

    The international 30-member expert jury at the prestigious red dot product design award, chose the C SEED 201 from over 5,500 entries as their "Best of the Best 2012" winner.