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Los Angeles / Vienna, May, 2017

Soon after winning the prestigious Red Dot design award for the world´s largest outdoor LED TV, C SEED set out on the next groundbreaking venture: redefining quality in high-end outdoor sound systems.

Now the C SEED 125 enters the market with the same uncompromising technical and visual sophistication that has earned the C SEED 201 outdoor TV iconic status.

C SEED 125 speakers rise out of the ground at the touch of a button. Visually, they complement the C SEED 201´s iconic Porsche Design sculptural style. Acoustically, they represent the new final word in open air sound brilliance. For sound experience to match the literally groundbreaking design, C SEED has teamed up with L-Acoustics, the undisputed masters of outdoor speaker engineering.

C SEED 125 is a system of passive speakers for a choice of configurations ranging from 2.0 stereo to 9.1 surround. The system´s name refers to 125 decibel peak sound pressure, which treads the limits of what is reasonable, and will reliably suffice to entertain even seriously partying capacity crowds.

But even at very conservative volumes, the C SEED 125 system provides unparalleled sound projection at angles wide enough to cover large terraces and gardens. L-Acoustics coaxial technology reproduces the entire frequency range with amazing brilliance, faithfully rendering the finest nuances of a violin solo, the rich texture of a great movie soundtrack or a screaming guitar riff.

C SEED Official launch clip